Google Analytics has been deemed illegal by the EU DPA. Undicat is a British company, operated fully on European infrastructure.

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No contracts. No suprise fees.

Events / month200,000
Total sum:$2000/month
$2000/ month

Perfect for smaller businesses and for personal projects

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$2500/ month

Perfect for larger businesses with a higher visitor count

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$3000/ month

Tailored for agencies managing many sites

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Is there a free trial availiable?

Yes, we offer 5000 events for free each month.


How can undicat avoid using cookies?

We built our own fingerprinting logic that enables us to keep track of page visits, and many other activities of website users without compromising their privacy. Our customers are unable to access any personal information, and nor can we. We can not even connect the dots between the same user accessing two different websites that both implemented Undicat.


How easy is it to implement Undicat analytics on my site?

It literally takes one minute. You only need to insert a few lines of code into your page's source, that is all.


Does GDPR even matter?

Yes, the European Union's General Data Protection Rules are enforced on not only companies, but even individuals living in the EU. It is important to note that the laws affect both European companies and those operating a website accessible from the EU.


How does the billing system work?

Transparency is a fundamental pillar Undicat stands on. Our customers only pay for the service they actually used. We will automatically charge you according to our pricing calculator based on the number of events processed.


Why choose Undicat over Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has been the industry standard for more than a decade, however, with Google shutting down Universal Analytics, users have no choice but to start using the inferior GA4, if they would prefer to stick with the tech giant, that is.

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