Google Analytics has been deemed illegal by the EU DPA. Undicat is a British company, operated fully on European infrastructure.

Discover what your customers fancy

Learn how your videos affect your customers

Acquire real knowledge about how your customers interact with your videos and how it affects conversions.

Engagement rate

Utilise various metrics to gauge how engaging your videos are, such as cumulated playtime, total view count, click-through rate and rewatch count.

Have a clear view of how well your videos perform, identify which parts are the most popular and improve engagement of your future videos.


Learn how your video impacts your site. Does it increase engagement? Or does it worsen the user experience by being too long? See if perhaps the lengthy loading times account for high bounce rate among your customers.

Does your video increase your conversion rate? Know which parts of it have the highest impact on your sales.

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Events / month200,000
Total sum:$2000/month
$2000/ month

Perfect for smaller businesses and for personal projects

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$2500/ month

Perfect for larger businesses with a higher visitor count

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$3000/ month

Tailored for agencies managing many sites

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites

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