Google Analytics has been deemed illegal by the EU DPA. Undicat is a British company, operated fully on European infrastructure.

Focus on the essence

Build the perfect funnel

Assemble the perfect chart for your needs to show just the information you are interested in; with our funnel builder you can create even the most advanced configurations in a matter of minutes.

Simple chart editor…

People don’t subscribe to your mailing list? See where the majority drops off.

Too few users read your posts? Quickly visualise the flow of your users on your blog to inspect where you lose tracktion.

Many pageviews, yet not enough purchases? Identify the deal-breakers using funnels in just a few seconds.

…full of features

Create the most advanced funnel charts on the market, combining dozens of unique metrics.

Interested in the bounce-rate among users coming from an influencer campaign, who click on the first option that pops up in front of them? Not an issue.

It’s easier to show than tell, why don’t you give Undicat a try?

Simple, transparent and honest pricing

No contracts. No suprise fees.

Events / month200,000
Total sum:$2000/month
$2000/ month

Perfect for smaller businesses and for personal projects

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$2500/ month

Perfect for larger businesses with a higher visitor count

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$3000/ month

Tailored for agencies managing many sites

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites

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