Google Analytics has been deemed illegal by the EU DPA. Undicat is a British company, operated fully on European infrastructure.

Work smarter, not harder

Straightforward feedback widget for your website

Integrating Undicat Feedback requires almost no coding at all. Start accepting responses with just a few clicks, gain access to valuable information that is fundamental for growth and improvement.

It is all connected

Acquire all the details

Undicat Feedback is deeply integrated with Undicat Analytics. The dots are already connected for you, so you can focus on debugging and improving your site instead of seeking informaition.

No need for follow-up questions

You don’t need to ask the user follow-up questions to be able to reproduce the issue; check out the customer’s session in great detail to pinpoint what went wrong.

Get started in minutes

Start accepting customer feedback just by inserting a few lines of code - it’s not rocket science.

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on making your customers even more satisfied, as well as your business even more profitable.

Simple, transparent and honest pricing

No contracts. No suprise fees.

Events / month200,000
Total sum:$2000/month
$2000/ month

Perfect for smaller businesses and for personal projects

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$2500/ month

Perfect for larger businesses with a higher visitor count

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$3000/ month

Tailored for agencies managing many sites

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites

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