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Simpler, better control over rollouts and features

Feature flags have proven to be helpful across a wide range of use cases, from the simplest to the most advanced uses. Various teams, such as engineers, production crews and developers have recently recognised their benefits in their software release strategy.

User targeting

Feature flags grant you the power to choose your users. Utilise different methods depending on your objectives.

Example: choose an ‘elite’ group of users to access a feature early - or ask them to opt-in voluntarily through beta testing.

The most widely used techniques to progressively roll out your features through user segmentation include ring deployment, canary testing and dark launch.

Test in production

Feature flags offer you a foolproof way to test in production, on live users.

This will help you obtain valuable feedback from your most relevant customers ensuring high-quality products and flawless user experience.

Feature flags allow you to A/B test your features in real-world environments with very low risk, while also giving you results in real-time.

Progressive delivery

When you have a feature ready to be deployed, you control which subset of users have access to it by gradually rolling it out.

Read our guide to gradual rollouts, which can help you achieve rapid releases in agile product development.

Progressive delivery can also be implemented through techniques such as canary releases or ring deployments.

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