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All at once

Effortlessly single out the best option

By investigating how different UX parameters influence your site’s performance, you can easily choose between them. No need to rely on guesswork when you have access to real data, collected from real users.

Let the ideas flow

Experiment with any idea your team comes up with. Creativity is the key to building a business, and as a result, it is absolutely critical for owners to have a good way of testing their approach.

Measure how variations affect conversions and income so you can base your decisions on real data.

Abandon those that caused a recession and try to further improve the ones that resulted in increased engagement or profit.

Implement a new idea in minutes

Setting up an A/B test only takes a few minutes, so you can conviniently give any small change a try with.

Never miss an opportunity to grow when it takes so little effort to give alternative options a try.

Simple, transparent and honest pricing

No contracts. No suprise fees.

Events / month200,000
Total sum:$2000/month
$2000/ month

Perfect for smaller businesses and for personal projects

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$2500/ month

Perfect for larger businesses with a higher visitor count

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites
$3000/ month

Tailored for agencies managing many sites

Infinite data retention
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Sites

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