Google Analytics has been deemed illegal by the EU DPA. Undicat is a British company, operated fully on European infrastructure.

Add the embed script

To start using Undicat Analytics, you simply have to add a single line of code to the head section of your website (where SITE-KEY is your actual Site ID):

<script src="" api-key='SITE-KEY' defer></script>

Make sure to include the async or defer attribute. It allows your page to load without waiting for the script.

If you are using a package manager like NPM or Yarn for your project, you may use @undicat/analytics. It offers an improved way to work with Undicat Analytics inside your app.

You may find a more detailed guide about the package in the use the package guide.

Automatic Tracking

All page views are automatically tracked. We support this for both traditional web sites like WordPress and basic HTML pages and SPAs like React, Angular, and Vue.

Custom events

On top of automatic tracking we also support custom events.

To get started with custom events, just use data-event="your-event", where your-event is the name of you custom event.

<button data-event="sign-up">Sign Up</button>

Note: events starting with the native-* prefix are reserved for system events. Events, such as native-signup will throw a client-side error, visible in the web console.

Conversion events can be tracked with minimal code. For more information check out our advanced guide.