Google Analytics has been deemed illegal by the EU DPA. Undicat is a British company, operated fully on European infrastructure.

August 07., 2022·3m 12s

Ban on Google Services Spreading Like Fire

As European countries started banning Google Analytics one after another, businesses are in need of finding alternative tools for their analytics needs.
Levente Ludvig
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We already discussed how Google Analytics has been deemed illegal by the Austrian DSB, however, the movement to minimise Google’s data collection is really starting to take off in Europe. The Italian DPA (data Protection Authority) recently joined Austria and France in illegalising the use of Google Analytics, the go-to analytics tool for any SMB operating a website.

Scherms II

Following the CJEU’s Schrems II decision, European lawmakers have started to focus on privacy protection more than ever before. Their decisions affect not only specific European countries, but the entire world, as all websites are to comply with GDPR laws protecting European end users’ privacy and safety.


The Austrian Datenschutzbehörde was the first authority to issue a ban on the continuous use of Google Analytics, affecting millions of websites. The ban is not only affecting Austrian sites, but any site accessible from Austria.


The French CNIL followed the Austrian DSB, and just two weeks later, they ordered 3 French websites to comply with GDPR laws. France’s decision too, was based on Schrems II and noyb’s 101 model complaints filed against Google way back in 2020. Although sites were warned one-by-one, the conclusion is the same for all websites available in France: they need to change their policies ASAP and start handling delicate personal data safely.


The Italian SA has recently ordered one specific website to stop using Google Analytics, and bring the collected data to Europe within 90 days. The decision warns all website providers to comply with the GDPR, as Data Protection Authorities may penalise misuse of personal information and GDPR noncompliances.


Denmark's DPA, Datatilsynet, stated they were monitoring the Austrian DSB’s moves to assess the decision. They also noted how “it is essential that European regulators have a common interpretation of the rules”. According to Danish law, GDPR noncompliance may result in up to 6 months in prison.

What now?

With more and more countries outright banning Google Analytics, every business needs to focus on finding an alternative solution. We provide a table that contains what features are supported by these alternatives. When choosing other solutions, it is vital to check whether they are truly GDPR compliant, so we encourage all such businesses to look for proof of compliance on the websites of analytics providers.

Undicat’s vision

Upon seeing that the EU started to cut back on US data collection, we set out to build an excellent analytics platform respecting the user’s privacy at all times. Our goal is not only to be successful, but to change the web for the better. We are determined to bring low-cost, blazing-fast and fair analytics to every business not only to help them grow, but to guarantee their customers’ protection.

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