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July 17., 2022·7m 39s

5 Website Analytic Tactics that Guarantee Growth

Website analytics may look like random numbers and charts to someone new to the digital world. But on the contrary, they hold the key to transforming your whole business.
Levente Ludvig
Levente LudvigPRO
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Usually, business owners are so preoccupied with building their products and services that they fail to realize the need for digital presence. They keep themselves busy with operations and end up overlooking these essential metrics. The digital world feels like a maze, so they rarely prioritize it. They would rather crunch financial numbers than read web analytics. And this is where it could all go wrong.

Let us explain the reasoning behind this with a simple example; imagine that you are an entrepreneur who spent heavily on research and ended up with a terrific product. But won't it all be for naught if you fail to sell it? You cannot expect your product to reach the targeted audience by itself, or would you? This is where the power of metrics is required.

But the question remains; how can metrics lead to growth? The answer is simple. Be it a small company, startup, or multinational, they all require data to make decisions. They cannot rely on advice and assumptions when making crucial decisions. It can be pretty dangerous to invest the hard earnings of a business without any solid investigation beforehand.

So it's far more lucrative and beneficial to base your decision on metrics. As these website analytics collect background information, they can help you make well-informed decisions, and in a timely fashion. Thus, web analytics provides you with the foundation on which you can stand and steer your business towards success.

On that note, let us discuss 5 ways in which you can use your website analytics for expansion and growth:

1. Routine check-up: Schedule it and Get Things Done

Like a business requires auditing to assess and enhance its performance, a website also requires an analytic check to keep up to date. The regular check-in rituals conducted through different analytical tools can help you gauge the performance of your website.

Not only will the metric alert you if there are red flags, such as decreasing traffic and low conversion, but they can also highlight areas where improvement is necessary.

When conducted at constant intervals, web analytics allow you to review your standings, compare them with past performance, and plan for the future. Moreover, all of this gets done promptly without any delays.

So if there are any problems on your site, the regular reviews can highlight them immediately, and you will be able to take preemptive action before they can damage your business. In addition, depending on your business, web analytics can be designed to provide you with weekly or monthly reports so that you remain well-informed at all times.

To help growth, you can use the following:

  • Daily traffic updates to keep an eye on visitors
  • Weekly charts monitoring campaign performance and returns
  • Monthly comparison to dig deeper into content management.
  • Overall reporting to check Goal completions

Once you have the above data at your disposal, the real magic begins. So keep reading to find out how this intel can help you grow further.

2. Mapping Customer Journeys: To Connect The Dots

user journey

As the saying goes, the customer is king, we believe rather a queen with many priorities; you need to ensure they are always happy. Your business will only grow if you can keep your users satisfied. And for that, you need to first know your customers and their needs.

This is where Web analytics can help you. Not only will it provide you with intel on your users but also enables you to make the most out of it. The metrics provided by these tools let you dissect the customer journey and make you understand your target audience better. Have a look at what it looks like below:

Once you gain a visual representation of your customer journey, you can identify the areas where your site is lacking and rectify them. By looking at the map, you can easily find red flags and know when it's time to troubleshoot. From there onwards, you can improve your content and interface to fulfill customer demands more effectively. Find more on this below.

Moreover, by looking at metrics such as conversion rates at various touch points, you can better understand what motivates your visitors. You can later build your marketing efforts on this information and convert visitors to your site into actual paying customers.

Even though web metrics can't map the whole customer journey, they can provide you with essential pieces of the puzzle. You can then join these pieces to get the picture of your user's key behaviors and then steer their actions towards achieving your business goals, aka GROWTH!

3. T is for Traffic: T is for Trend

You may not know, but both these T's are crucial for your growth, and when combined, they can change the game. So it's not just brick-and-mortar stores that run on traffic and work on trends. Digital businesses also require traffic (virtual users) to grow and use trends to monitor their growth.

Digging into trends is a universal approach used to expand businesses, and web analytics is its significant source. With the help of metric reports, you can quickly identify traffic trends and cater to them accordingly.

Some core areas where web analytics can guide you towards growth are:

  • Monthly Variations: If there are spikes from month to month, it can help you analyze what's causing these and how you can sustain them. Comparing data constantly can save you a lot of time and effort.
  • No traffic zones: By highlighting pages receiving no or less than expected traffic, analytics can help you judge the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It will make you want to weep at first, but the tears will be worth it later!
  • Leveraging UTM tracking: By using UTM parameters, you can break down traffic based on its source. Diving into these web analytics can help you identify which platforms are more profitable for you and which need more attention.

Of course, there are many other metrics related to the traffic that can enhance growth too. But these are the main ones. You can continue to expand these trends to learn and see how your performance improves or declines throughout the year. This will indeed pan out to be a good practice and allow you to shape precise plans for the following years.

4. Creating Catchy Content: It Acts like a Magnet

Everyone knows that massive walls of text are intimidating, and web analytics reinforce that. If your content is not up to the mark, you will see your metrics reflect it. High bounce rate, low conversions, and decreasing page time all signal that you are scaring users away.

So by using our web analytics, you can see whether your content is retaining customers or not. By using thesese metrics, you can plan your content better and let it magnetically pull customers in. Eventually, it will help you be able to pull off techniques to enhance the relevance and readability of your content, such as

  • Using attractive formatting
  • Increasing white space
  • Reducing Ads and widgets which are off-putting
  • Inserting Infographics and Visuals
  • Making most of Custom illustrations and Humorous Gifs
  • Using Personalized Quizzes and Questionnaires
  • Interacting via informational videos
  • Repurposing popular content from other channels to gain traction.
  • Adding Relevant CTA's
  • Removing keyword-stuffed content
  • Decreasing load times

Thus by looking at your web analytics and successfully incorporating the above strategies, you will be able to harness the power of content to grow more and more. As a result, your SEO rankings will also improve, and not only will it bring in more traffic, but also make them stick. And that's what matters the most for growth.

5. The Test of Time: Let Your Site Shine

Crafting a better copy won't make the users stick if it takes too long to load. So remember, great sites aren't just about great content but are also responsive. If your pages have a slow loading time, it will be a drag as users are unlikely to wait around.

It's a no-brainer that the quality of your content won't even matter if viewers can't access the page within an acceptable time. Well, web analytics can help you here as well by providing metrics like duration period, time on page, and bounce rate. You can pass the test of time by speeding up your site's load time. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Investing in speedy web infrastructure
  • Transit from shared servers to dedicated hosting,
  • Use CDNs to boost the speed.
  • Minimising CSS and JavaScript usage
  • Optimising images
  • Designing mobile-friendly pages

By using the metrics and techniques mentioned above, you can give your content enough time to shine. This will all lead to a seamless experience from your user's perspective and eventually bring in more visitors!

Concrete Analysis: Concrete Results

It's settled that a business cannot run nor grow without analyzing its web footprint. And the best way to do so is via website analytics. However, what most people don't understand is that web analytics is not just about digging deep into quantitative data.

Instead, it's all about spending quality time understanding those metrics and then applying the results. If conducted properly, you can experience massive growth within no time.

So what are you waiting for? Get insights on your business now and use them to get closer to your goals!

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